Welcome to Inhale Patagonia

Welcome to the most rewarding and beautiful vacation you will ever experience:

an adventure retreat in pristine Patagonia with Inhale Patagonia.



Come to Patagonia and see some of the most breathtaking sights in the world, while improving your Pilates practice among trainers certified in classical Pilates based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates and his proteges.

Imagine watching the sunrise on the fjord of the Ăšltima Esperanza, followed by Pilates, tea and breakfast. After a rewarding Pilates session, you are off on a trek to see glaciers, waterfalls, and gorgeous mountains. At the end of your day, unwind at the spa, or relax and read as you watch the sunset into the mountains in the distance from the fjord... that's just an average day in Patagonia.

Our experienced instructors are all Power Pilates certified. Our Patagonia guides are Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Leave No Trace (LNT) certified and have almost ten years experience guiding in Patagonia.

Our all-inclusive Pilates retreats start as low as $2010 per person, including all transportation, Pilates instruction, accomodations, profession guide, and meals. Learn more here.

We also offer trekking, kayaking, horeseback, and ice hiking excursions. Our trekking adventure packages start as low as $985 per person. See our Trekking Adventures and Self-Guided Treks sections.

We invite you to explore our site, learn about our unique programs, and contact us to learn more and start your adventure.

Where is Patagonia?

Patagonia is a region containing the southernmost portions of Chile and Argentina. Patagonia is known for its beautiful mountains, breathtaking glaciers, clear blue waters.

Patagonia is a nature lovers paradise. It is the perfect place to truly get away from the chaos of everyday life and better appreciate what makes life such a wonderful gift.